Tehnilised andmed:

Mõõtmed: 247.00 x 141.00 x 70.00mm
Kaal: 2.05kg
Tüüp: LED
Pinge: 9-36V
Lumenid: 12000 lm
Lumenid (mõõdetud): 10500 lm
Võimsus: 120 W
Reference value: 45
Värvitemperatuur: 6000 K
Juhtme pikkus: 2,50 m
Läätse materjal: Polükarbonaat
IP klassifikatsioon: IP68/69K
Sertifikaadid: ECE R112, R7, R65, ECE R10
Garantii (kuudes): 36
Kirjeldus: Dark Knight Insane is the newest member of the Dark Knight series. A lamp with three functions: a driving light with both warning light and position light with duo function, choose between amber and white light. The beam pattern is created for the hard-working driver, in need of a perfect balance between length and width.<br/><br/>Insane is a confident futuristic Knight with dark details and slim design. Easy to mount many in a row and quickly becomes one with your vehicle. Dark Knight Insane is advantageously combined with other Dark Knight members to create a harmonious unit.