Tehnilised andmed:

Mõõtmed: 504.60 x 45.00 x 55.00mm
Kaal: 1.80kg
Tüüp: LED
Pinge: 9-35V
Lumenid: 7560 lm
Lumenid (mõõdetud): 2467 lm
Võimsus: 90 W
Reference value: 45
Juhtme pikkus: 2,50 m
Läätse materjal: Polükarbonaat
IP klassifikatsioon: IP67/69K
Sertifikaadid: ECE R7, R112, R65, ECE R10
Garantii (kuudes): 36
Kirjeldus: The Siberia family is growing with the Siberia Night Guard SR 20”. A powerful warning light with duo position light. Choose color according to your personal style. Amber or white. Siberia Night Guard creates an extremely powerful and effective warning light while the driving light delivers an optimized light beam that combines length and width.<br/><br/>The multifunction simplifies installation and at the same time removes the need to install more warning lights and driving lights. Siberia Night Guard is suitable for trucks, excavators, small and large transport vehicles in need of warning lights and driving lights. A Night Guard who gives you both the multifunction and the design you are looking for.