Tehnilised andmed:

Mõõtmed: 157.00 x 43.70 x 60.00mm
Kaal: 500g
Tüüp: LED
Pinge: 9-32V
Lumenid: 2880 lm
Lumenid (mõõdetud): 2450 lm
Võimsus: 30 W
Pistiku tüüp: 2-pin DT
Juhtme pikkus: 500 mm
Läätse materjal: Polükarbonaat
IP klassifikatsioon: IP67/69K
Sertifikaadid: ECE R10
Garantii (kuudes): 36
Kirjeldus: The Siberia RV work lamp is a multifunctional lamp with maximum performance. The slim design makes it easy to mount both in smaller spaces and around the vehicle. Also comes with a DT connector for easy installation. Siberia RV gives you the perfect combination of length and width. The lens is made of polycarbonate, which means that it protects the diodes from external stresses.